How Can QR Codes Enable Brand Visibility?

To increase the number of their loyal customer base, companies are creating brand awareness campaigns for their intended audience.  In the recent marketing insights made by LucidPress, campaigns with consistent design can increase your revenue …

To increase the number of their loyal customer base, companies are creating brand awareness campaigns for their intended audience. 

In the recent marketing insights made by LucidPress, campaigns with consistent design can increase your revenue and recognition by 10 to 20 percent.

Modern technology allows marketers to create bigger and better marketing campaigns for a broader reach and better recall.

Using a QR code generator online, companies can easily create targeted marketing campaigns, both for online and offline audiences.

How Can QR Codes Enable Brand Visibility?

Establishes customer trust

QR codes are being used for advertising and transactions. 

Suppose a consumer encounters ten QR codes to pay or view websites daily. With this number of QR codes, it can be hard to know which QR code is actually secured.

Consumers are more careful with every QR code they encounter and scan. 

This is why it’s important to choose a reliable QR code generator with logo software that is ISO 27001 certified. Businesses are assured that their QR codes are secure, and they can easily customize them according to their brand.

Needless to say, on-brand QR code campaigns with logo have a higher chance of obtaining the trust of their customers. When it’s customized well, it’s easy to spot among all the other posts and effectively gets businesses more scans.

Help build brand recall

QR codes are distinct and nifty tools that companies creatively use for brand awareness and more. 

Brands can use QR codes for anything involving contactless transactions such as ordering food, payment, and vaccine checking.

Adding the logo and company colors create branded QR codes to help scanners associate the QR code with the company or product.

Increases the brand’s value

Using QR codes for branded campaigns not only help brands build trust and association with customers, it also increases their brand value. 

QR codes create seamless information transfer from offline to online spaces. The connection it builds for customers helps brands increase their value, as they make it easy for customers to navigate their website, or create a better and more seamless customer service.

How to Use QR Codes to Better Position Your Brand 

Choose the best QR code solution to get more scans and impressions

Marketing is a gamble that many brands spend millions building on. 

To increase the chances of success for a marketing campaign, companies carefully select the materials they need. 

With low-cost and reliable QR codes in the marketing space, brands consider the following factors; choosing the best QR code generator to partner with, and the right QR code solution to use when marketing. 

QR codes have been around for almost three decades, and brands can easily learn from the most successful QR code campaigns. 

One of the best examples of an effective QR code-based marketing is the Coinbase Super Bowl 2022 ad, where viewers need to capture the moving QR code and scan it to get a chance to win 15 dollars’ worth of bitcoin, along with a $3 million giveaway. 

Businesses can either take inspiration from the best QR code example by other known brands, or come up with a better way to use QR codes effectively in their campaigns.

Create a design consistent marketing material

Once you have created the QR code for your marketing campaign, you can proceed with creating the rest of your marketing materials.

Make a design-consistent layout by following the branding guidelines your company has. Design-consistent materials foster the creation of brand trust, association and increase brand value.

If you ever need to update the link or data inside your dynamic QR code, you can easily edit it on your QR code generator software, and not have to generate a new one. That’s how easy it is to update your campaign using an existing QR code.

Select the optimal space for your QR code marketing materials

After making your brand and design-consistent marketing QR code, select the optimal area to place your QR code marketing materials. 

Choosing the right space to post—be it offline or online, can greatly improve the number of scans and conversions throughout the campaign. 

Bus stations, marketing boards, and mall windows are some spaces your brand can use when doing offline marketing. 

They attract the most crowds, have better lighting, and are usually flat and scannable at eye level. 

QR codes today are critical to every brand’s success. They are widely used to help businesses and brands create brand awareness, foster brand association, and improve customer value. 

There are many ways QR codes can be used for marketing and boosting brand visibility to their target audience. All you need to do is go beyond what QR codes currently offer and improve on it. 

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