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Call of duty warzone has been into play for over a year, and despite its large size, it’s been popular among battle royale gamers. Most RPG gamers like the concept of battle royales, and the …

Call of duty warzone has been into play for over a year, and despite its large size, it’s been popular among battle royale gamers. Most RPG gamers like the concept of battle royales, and the COD warzone has given them unlimited possibilities and a fantastic gaming environment to explore. And although the Warzone is a part of COD modern warfare, you can separately download the Warzone for free if you don’t want warfare.

It is an open community game where up to 150 randomly chosen people land on the same map and can enjoy battle royale gaming. One can play solo or in teams, and the experience best co-op shooting game out there. Furthermore, if you use the warzone cheats, you can have the upper hand in battle royale games and quickly kill your enemies.

5 Things That Make Warzone Epic And Worth Experiencing 

  • The warzone map is large, and you should know and explore as many places as you could if you wish to win warzone battles. Also, you should know that there are incredible loadouts, warzone easter eggs, and exclusive bunkers at random places on the map. And they have fantastic surprises for you to explore.
  • Warzone is a cross-platform game that makes it open for all gaming consoles to come together and play on the same map easily. It is easy to set up cross-play in Warzone so that you can also team up with your friends who play through a different console than yours.
  • Although Warzone is a battle royale theme game, but if you want extra bonuses and rewards in the game, you can complete warzone missions that contain tasks like, for say, killing 5 enemies or collect random objects while in the play. Completing these tasks will earn you extra rewards and game credits.
  • Your first death in a battle is not the end, and you get the warzone gulag advantage. According to this, if you are dead for the first time, you can get a second chance, but you have to beat some opponents in a prison pit fight.
  • During Warzone battles, you will come across several weapons that you might have seen in other COD games, most probably. But there are some warzone-only items as well, as the spotter scope, for example.

These are some unique features of the COD warzone game that makes it worth experiencing. Above that, COD never fails to bring the best gaming features for their gamers like top-notch technology, high-end gaming graphics, and more which you cannot afford to ignore. In addition, warzone cheats provide an extra advantage to you during the game, such as Aimbots or player ESP, the ability to see the enemy through walls, and more.

Explore The Unique And Massive Map Of The COD Warzone

As soon as the game begins, you will be in the city called Verdansk, which is an expansive and dense setting of rural and urban areas with multiple named zones. Those who have also played the COD modern warfare 2019 would be surely familiar with the city as it is the primary setting for most spec-ops games of the modern warfare edition. Moreover, it is a part of the major map that is Urzikstan.

The map has all unique buildings with detailed and hand-crafted features. Playing the battle royale a few times would let you know the map closely, and you will come across more than 300 exciting elements on the map and many hard-to-forget landmarks.

Pre-Game Lobby And Ping System – What Are These Used For?

Before the lobby fills up to the maximum capacity, you will be spawned to a random pre-game arena where you can run around, try your hands on some weapons or vehicles, and temporarily kill some enemies. But once the lobby is full, the players are locked for the map and have to wait few more seconds for the battle to begin.

The ping system of the game lets you communicate with your teammates even if you are non-connected with them through voice. It lets you mark places on the map for your teammates to see, whether it be a loadout of ammunition or an enemy’s position. If you enter the game with Warzone cheats applied to your system, you can easily find, track and kill your enemies. Many cheats show you the position of your enemies all the time on the map.

2 Game Modes To Play In Call Of Duty Warzone 

Yes, there are two different game modes to enjoy in the call of duty warzone. First is the obvious battle royale with the last man standing affair in which players have to kill each other and survive the constricting circle of gas till the last man standing wins.

And the other mode is plunder mode, in which your team has to collect the most game cash by either stealing or by completing in-match contracts. This mode has unlimited respawns, killstreaks, and loadouts too.

But You Can Find Gas Masks Somewhere On The Map

Sometimes you could be far away from the contracting edge of the gas circle, which could be a dangerous situation as it could kill you in a concise time. But there are gas masks in Warzone that can save you in this condition. The gas masks can be found in loots or buy them from the buy station using cash. Each mask can provide you 10 seconds of survivability.

As mentioned before, using warzone cheats can give you several advantages during the game. For example, the aimbots cheat would directly point your gun towards the closest enemy during battle so that you don’t have to reposition it every time. Other cheats let you see the position of your enemies on the map all the time. Also, you can rest assured of zero blockage of your account for using our cheats.

Other advantages include the auto switch, auto knife, smooth aiming, and movement prediction as well. The ESP cheat also shows you different options like skeleton, colors, or player information, and wallhack can be helpful too.

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