Is the quarantine ruining couples’ sex lives?

What has been the effect of the pandemic and quarantine on the population? On couples and marriages? The mixture of feelings generated by social distancing and forced cohabitation can have a negative result. Those little …

What has been the effect of the pandemic and quarantine on the population? On couples and marriages? The mixture of feelings generated by social distancing and forced cohabitation can have a negative result. Those little things that used to be endured and which people had patience for, now seem more important and tension is at its highest. 

Routine has become almost part of normal life because of COVID-19.

In the end, the things that can be done at home are varied but finite and after many days locked up, creativity can be gone. That is why many couples and families are seeing how complicated it is to maintain a good relationship, both living together or apart, in these times. Everyone has to make an extra effort to be able to come out strengthened and/or immune.

And if maintaining relationships is complex, better not even think about sex life. Desire and attraction are being greatly affected. There is a reason why some people say that sex is the most important thing in a couple, because when libido and attraction decrease, the sides involved worry and begin to wonder what the problem is. 

It is complex and difficult to control the emotion that awakens in every human being, the impulse to be intimate and to approach another person. That is why it is important to find out what types of things influence this urge to have a sexual encounter, either with the partner or with a beautiful escort in Cardiff. In this way, it’s possible to be able to work on it, discovering new desires, increasing or making them a reality.

First, it is the way of living and understanding sexuality. All taboos, social prejudices, knowing one’s body and how to be intimate with others. It is very important to carry out any erotic encounter and see where and when the desire to do so arises.

It’s also influenced by age and gender. It’s something that’s constantly evolving and changing. Many studies and publications discuss the topic showing how it is at age 20 or 50, or how it is for men versus women. Although it does not always reach the totality of the spectrum.

In the case of having a partner, one of the things that influences the most sexual desire is the type and time taken together. Especially when one of them has more libido than the other. It can put pressure on both, making them feel guilty for wanting more than the partner and consequently, even get to feel unwanted, which decreases self-esteem. 

But what most affects desire in the pandemic, both separated by social estrangement or confined and forced to coexist for 24 hours together, are basically stress, anxiety, sadness derived from the situation and a lack of ways/reasons to have sex during quarantine. 

Turning it into routine and doing it out of boredom or because there’s nothing better to do, in the end, it’s worse. The increase in the online purchase of sex toys and the consumption of erotic content or erotic video calls with professional call girls in Mysore are proof that sex has not stopped. The last but not least, is whether or not the couple lives in the same house, which influences the opportunities and possibilities of more intimate encounters.

Now it looks like this whole COVID-19 thing is slowly coming under control and there’s hope of getting back to normal life soon. But this does not mean that magically desire and attraction will return just like that. People have to go through a process and make some effort to recover and maintain it. In this way, they can emerge strengthened from the relationship after the pandemic instead of being separated. It is curious how distancing can come to favor the relationship. But how exactly?

The first is to avoid thinking too much. Forget about the situation and how it’s supposed to be, feel, or think. Many times the brain is the main enemy of eroticism and even of oneself. It is important to learn to relax a bit and focus on the feeling of pleasure. So, enjoy all the benefits of sex as it can be a physical exercise that helps to release anxiety and stress.

Another way is to surprise the other person. It can be with some romantic detail, vary in sexual positions, hiring a sexy Perth escort for a threesome,  focus on the preliminaries to warm the atmosphere… All to end the monotony and provoke and tempt the partner to awaken that desire. It will also make the encounter funnier and increase pleasure.

Self-eroticism is also important. But what does this mean? Basically, it is to know and experience sexuality with oneself, to masturbate, to discover erogenous zones or even new fantasies to make real. Provoke desire to themselves so that one can know how to do it in another person. In this way, it is possible to talk and tell current or future sexual partners what you like, to increase pleasure. 

Finally and perhaps most important, it is to create a space of trust, communication and understanding. Where it’s possible to talk about how everyone feels, be honest and be able to support and help each other. After everything that is happening all over the world, people’s ability to feel has been put to the test. 

Sex is a natural thing and everyone has the sex life they want, although there are some who take better than others all this. It may be hard to understand how it works or where the desire that leads to sexual intercourse comes from, but it is still important to try to play it down. 

It is also worth taking advantage of experimentation, individually or with someone, to see what kind of sensations are provoked. This way, gradually, people can forget about the virus for a moment and focus on their own feelings.

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